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qaSpu'DI' composite jIpawnIS Durability tlhoQ
xiamen odin Composite cham co., Ltd | Updated: Feb 24, 2016

composites laH durable qaStaHvIS qaSpu'DI' jIpawnIS? laH jatlh jang 'e' appropriate protection 'aD poQ puS decades, 'ach, such as HIvje' fiber Hap 'u' qaSpu'DI' ta ghaj jIpawnIS 50 DIS lo', luq, je case in the face of environmental erosion yap protection ghot'e' chav, DaH nobvam vo' environment erosion: resin fiber 'ej ◆ humid environment laH erode ◆ jen Hat (infrared woj) woj (uv) ultraviolet 'ej , vaj toH je 'Itlh bang wep mold wej ngaQ fibers pagh wej naQ erode ◆ gasoline nIn, hydraulic fluid, antifreeze, pey, coatings 'ej chemical bleach Duy pagh latlh solvents erosion vo' Hat jen qaD 'aD nIvbogh 'ej uv woj uv inhibitor ghor appropriate protective coating tI' yIlo', wov color ghor patlh vaj Dumerbe' vay' infrared woj wIj. vaj qIj coating composite Hap 'u' ghor Hat laH veb puS 115 ° f 120 ° f (ie, 29 ℃ 35 ℃) puS Dech jejlaw' Hat 'agh HaD qach 1970s. ghob'e' je jIpawnIS taQbang pipes latlh tuj 'ay' Sep pagh close to jenwI' Hat specialty resins 'ej adhesives. jIpawnIS je bIH bolted ghorgh qel, such as direct contact je aluminum patlh carbon fibers exhibit ngIm aging, je nIS Qu'mey potlh corrosion

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